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Yad B’Yad - Hand in Hand We Build Community

At the Jewish Burial Association of Madison (JBAM), community is at the heart of everything we do because Judaism is a communal religion. We eat together. We pray together. Together we laugh, together we mourn. We especially pray to celebrate with each other and to rely on our community in good and not so good times. The Jewish community provides physical and emotional security, because there is strength in numbers. The Jewish community provides economic security since together we raise more money than we possibly can as individuals. As a community, we fight for Jewish rights and values, attend to the needs of those less fortunate than us, educate adults and children, and ensure our continuity. As a community, we build programs and communal capacity to respond in times of crisis. A Jewish community has synagogues, schools, summer camps, and senior services. A Jewish community also has a cemetery.

Since JBAM’s inception in 2009, we have planned and provided for the burial needs for the Jewish community in Madison WI.

Our tradition commands that Jewish people are to be buried among other Jewish people. A cemetery, with its beauty, serenity, but also its clear message of our mortality, is a place for self-reflection and remembrance of those who passed to eternity before us. A cemetery also is a place to connect to the souls of those we knew and loved by revisiting past relationships, by introspection, and prayer. At a cemetery, life’s trivialities fall aside and we can prioritize more easily, creating a more emotionally sensitive mental state that honors our lives and those we remember.

Yad b’Yad is a $1M campaign designed to underwrite the purchase of the remaining plots and beautification costs associated with fully establishing the Jewish cemetery (Beit Olamim) that will meet the burial needs of the Madison Jewish community for the next 35-50 years.

The funds we raise will enable us to:

  • Plan for future needs. We will purchase 900 plots, adding to the existing 300 we already own, thus planning for our Jewish community’s burial needs for the next 35-50 years.
  •  Create a serene and welcoming space for all those who mourn. By providing beautiful landscape and trees we will transform Beit Olamim into a beautiful, serene, and spiritual environment with seating areas highlighted by trees and flowers for contemplation and comfort.
  • Create convenience for visitors with an access road that will allow visitors to directly access and park near Beit Olamim.
  • Create a holy space with distinctive and tasteful demarcation between Beit Olamim and the remainder of Sunset Memory Gardens cemetery.

Our campaign goal is $1M. We are seeking one-time gifts to build Beit Olamim. JBAM is a 501(c)(3) organization so your gifts may be tax deductible. Pledges may be paid over 2-3 years, if needed. We appreciate all charitable donations.

Lead giving levels are:

$100,000 and higher ~ Keter (Crown)
$54,000 - $99,999 ~ Brit (Covenant)
$36,000 - $53,999 ~ Ahavah (Love)
$18,000 - $35,999 ~ Ammud (Pillar)
$10,000 - $17,999 ~ Koach (Strength)


Proceeds from future sales of plots will provide an annual operating budget for JBAM to manage the cemetery, including maintaining the cemetery database, web site, and entry road, ongoing beautification, and sales. As part of a Jewish community, we are honored to provide plots to individuals who are unable to afford them.

Please contact us by email or call (608) 467-3493 to set up a convenient time to meet.

Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783