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About Our Cemetery

Beit Olamim is a Jewish cemetery in Madison, Wisconsin located in Sunset Memory Gardens cemetery at 7302 Mineral Point Road. Beit Olamim has two distinct areas for burial within the cemetery: Sha’ar HaRachamin (a section in which plots are available for burial in accordance with halacha and traditional Jewish burial practices) and Sha’ar Shalom (a section in which plots are available for burial in accordance with less traditional Jewish burial practices, particularly for inclusion of families with non-Jewish members and that allows the burial of cremains or a second right of burial in a grave that has been utilized). Please refer to the JBAM Rules and Regulations for details.

Please download JBAM Rules and Regulations (PDF) for detailed rules and regulations regarding Beit Olamim, including:
A. Qualifications
B. Markers, Monuments, and Structures
C. Plot Owner’s Agreement
D. Cemetery’s Rights
E. Exhumation and Disinterment

We are in the process of:

  • Developing and implementing a landscaping plan that will transform Beit Olamim into a beautiful, serene, and spiritual environment with seating areas highlighted by trees and flowers for contemplation and comfort;
  • Creating a distinctive and tasteful demarcation between Beit Olamim and the larger Sunset Memory Gardens cemetery; and
  • Getting approval for a paved driveway entrance directly servicing Beit Olamim off Westfield Road (for summer, 2020).

JBAM does not operate a formal genizah (a temporary storage place for worn out or desecrated holy objects such as Torah scrolls, mezuzot, prayer books, texts, etc). When approved by the family of the deceased, we honor those individuals by burying objects from the temporary storage provided by Madison’s synagogues.

Mon, March 18 2019 11 Adar II 5779